Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost, and what will I get?

The Expedition fee is 3,900 EUR per person, which includes:

  • domestic travel (from the point of departure to the field centre and back; also transportation to different field work sites)
  • accommodation in the heart of the wilderness
  • delicious local meals, including welcoming dinner
  • hands-on field research & lab work, including equipment and research materials
  • lectures and study materials, including a book
  • DNA sequencing in the field using nanopore technology

Please keep in mind that international travel is not included.

Send us an e-mail to and we will provide you information on how to book a place.

We offer discounts for university students, local participants, and members of the media.

What can I expect?

  • An unforgettable experience
  • Doing real research with real scientists
  • Lectures and hands-on field research
  • Discover and name your own new species

How long does the expedition take?

Twelve days, including two days of travelling between the point of departure and the field centre.

I don't know anything about caves, mountains, or the rainforest. Can I still join?

Sure! We provide a varied palette of activities, catering to any level of background knowledge. A love of nature and a commitment to biodiversity conservation are the only requirements.

What if I'm not very fit?

The field stations we work with are very comfortable and located on the very edge of natural areas, so even participants who cannot walk or climb very far, can be involved in field work and discovery. However, be prepared for (in Borneo) tropical temperatures and humidity or (in Montenegro) strong sun and sudden changes of the weather.

When is your next expedition?

The next expedition is scheduled for 4-14 March, 2018. We will go to Maliau Basin, Sabah, Malaysia. The one after that will be to Durmitor Mountain, Montenegro (June, 2018).

How many people can join?

We take a maximum of twelve participants on each trip.