I saved an ant

December 27, 2017 by Mary Erickson from Canada


There was a big big big ant outside our home about a month back. I think it was a queen because it was really big and wore a crown. Her Majesty wanted in to our warm garage to make a nest, and was just undecided whether to ring the doorbell or just sneak under the rubber.

We don’t want a big ant nest around our house, we already had that very unpleasant experience and it cost us a fortune.  However, as a citizen scientist, I felt compelled to relocate her, after all, I was sure our neighbours would like an ant’s nest. So I scooped her up, delivered her to another location and was proud of myself, I didn’t squish her. She came back to our house, same spot a few days later, same expectant look on her face, same big big body. I risked life and limb and “captured” her, intending to take a picture, determine the species and put her in the best place, away from our house.

But she pooped and it was gross, so I relocated her to a pile of compost far away. She hasn’t returned (that I know of). I like to think of her all tucked in, nice and warm creating her plans to create a big colony away from our place. Don’t be disappointed, it wasn’t all that long ago I would have simply stepped on her (it would have been quite the crunch). I think I’ve come a long way!


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