With Taxon Expeditions you are not simply a tourist  you are an explorer, an adventurer, and a scientist! 

Discover new species of wildlife with us!

Always wanted to be a modern Darwin and discover new species of wildlife? Then join Taxon Expeditions! We offer a unique experience in the forests of Borneo for the untrained biodiversity enthusiast. Our experts will teach you the tricks of the trade of discovering, naming, and describing new species. You will enter the jungle with bug nets and jars, and emerge with previously unknown creepy-crawlies that you get to name yourselves in top-notch scientific journals.


What can you expect:

  • Doing real research with real scientists
  • Lectures and hands-on field research
  • Discover and name your own new species
  • DNA analysis in the field using nanopore technology
  • Work in a scientific laboratory
  • Jungle trekking, caving, canopy climbing, night walks, birdwatching and more
  • The most amazing animals and plants in the world
  • An unforgettable experience!

Coming soon...

Borneo 2: 4 - 14 March, 2018

Durmitor, Montenegro: 9 - 20 July, 2018





Participants and instructors  on the Borneo Expedition
Participants and instructors on the Borneo Expedition

News from Borneo Expedition

We discovered six new species of beetles during our first Expedition to the remote 30-kilometre-wide Maliau Basin in Malaysian Borneo. Three of those, all tiny beetles living in rainforest leaf litter, are published in the Biodiversity Data Journal. We are so proud of our participants who were working on descriptions together with our taxonomists!

You can find out more about our time on Borneo in this multimedia story and our research video.


Always wanted to discover new species of wildlife? Then join Taxon Expeditions!

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Rhyothemis triangularis

See the work we do and join us on our next expedition in search for new species in the heart of Borneo.

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